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Top 6 Home Automation Devices

More and more products are going to market improving our daily quality of life. With that being said, some of us, are not privy to modern automation advancements. We will continue to advance , we will continue to automate, we will continue to wait…

May 2, 2022
Apple Homekit

Extreme Laziness – Automation using the NFC reader off your iPhone

Apple HomeKit brings automation to the masses with their “Works with Apple HomeKit” compatible devices. Their standardized system brings high quality, security, and ease of use. Making compatible products simple and easy to integrate. If you’re under the apple ecosystem this makes life exponentially…

March 29, 2022
Bescutter Versa Force 150

How to install a rotary tool on your laser machine

Recently I purchased a Versa Force 150 Watt laser. Being one of the first versions, I got a discount for being one of the first few purchasers of the machine. Usually, when you purchase version 1 products, one finds things that eventually get updated.…

March 18, 2021

Setting my business goals for the year

Be successful be be successful Alright? OK! 2021 has finally arrived and we’re already a month and 14 days into this shindig. Usually, more successful business(wo)men have already set their goals, budgets, and plan of attack for the year. In true procrastination fashion; I’m…

February 15, 2021
Alarm Home

Update Qolsys IQPanel 2+ Firmware to 2.5.2

Qolsys released yet again another small patch to alleviate some lingering issues. While this update does not offer any new  and exciting features / integrations, it does help those using the 16 zone hardwired translators and improves on some communications with The official…

August 24, 2020
Alarm Home

Change your Qolsys Icon on Ubiquiti

My home network was recently upgraded to a Ubiquiti style platform. While adding items I noticed my Qolsys Alarm Panels were not showing their correct icons. If you’re the type to label their network peripherals and want their correct icon then follow the steps…

August 24, 2020

ANAP3002P – Aivo Network – Wireless Access Point

In May of 2019 my wife and I were able to purchase our first home.  The pipes, outlets, roof, and just about everything was checked prior to purchasing. Obviously, wifi capability was not one of those things we were able to check. Upon moving…

December 29, 2019

Blog 2 – Make an Extra 5k in 2019

Today is January 6, 2019 and it’s the second day in 2019 that I’ve had some time to work on the store. I wanted to update anyone who is reading where I’m currently at and what I’ve been up to. Sales so far –…

January 7, 2019