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July 2018


Top 5 Things A Ketogenic Diet Newbie Needs

July 19, 2018

I am what I would call a career fat person. For as long as I remember I’ve always been the overweight kid.  Living in a relatively poor family my mother taught me that having food was precious and not something that could be thrown away  because you didn’t “like eating it”. My mothers sole rule about food when I was growing up was if it was served you have to eat it. Leaving the plate 90% clean was never an option. It was either 100% clean or you were in the slammer.

I started Keto about 3 months ago at the heaviest I’ve ever been. Although I am 5 feet 4 inches tall, I am by no means a small boy. I started my journey weighing in at the morbidly obese weight of 251 lbs. Since then, I’ve lost over 40lbs, and have motivated over 5 friends into starting the diet. With that being said these are the top 5 things I believe you need in order to make your keto journey a success.

Coconut Oil – Coconut oil is a quick and easy way to get some fat into your food. The coconut oil I’ve found has been best is Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil (16oz). Coming in at 14g of total fat per serving (1 table  spoon) this makes it a no-brainer. This tends to be one of the least “coconut tasting” oil’s I’ve encountered. There is also no noticeable coconut oil aroma associated with this either.





Ketone Test Strips –  Once you’ve been on ketosis for a while you’re able to tell if you’re within the “zone” or not. If you’re reading this article then chances are you still haven’t started or are very new to the diet. These test strips test for Ketones which is a direct indicator if your body is in Ketosis.

I’ve found that testing your sample is best done in the morning before you add anything to your system. You provide the sample (urine) , place the test strip, wait 30 seconds, compare to the color coded chart. The basic gist of it is the darker the better. You might not achieve complete darkness for the entirety of your stay on Keto but you will get great results on the second to last color as well. This is not the best way to test for ketones as there are digital ketone testers but this will work!


Crystal Light – I have suffered from drinking an excessive amount of calories most of my life. Coke (pop for you southerners), Gatorade, Orange Juice, and Apple Juice have been my achilles heel!  I have found that having a substitute, although not optimal, can help promote staying on track.

I have quite a few of these packets at work, home, and even some in the car ( in case of emergencies ). Not only have they helped me curb my desire for a sweet drink, they have also have been used as a frozen Popsicle  alternative. Tons of flavor for only a handful of calories ( per serving ) .





Youtube – The hard part of doing keto is that  there aren’t very many Keto friendly places or prepared foods. The way I’ve prepared my friends is to tell them to assume you cannot buy anything made at a store. You cant just go to the “Keto” friendly isle and pick up things ready to eat.

If you’re addicted to bread and rice, like me, this diet can be a little difficult. I’ve been programmed since very young that 90% of foods include rice and the remaining 10% include bread. Youtube is the perfect vessel to find foods, recipes, and ideas other people are coming up with. 2 Channels that I find ideas from and recommend are Keto Connect and Headbangers Kitchen.




MyFitnessPal – Available for both iOS and Android platforms this app helps you keep yourself in line. As long as you upload and enter your data this app can track your macro’s and let you know how much you’re actually ingesting. Do not skimp on tracking your macro’s! Do not forget that an over abundance of carbs or sugar can kick you out of the highly coveted Ketosis.