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Top 6 Home Automation Devices

May 2, 2022

More and more products are going to market improving our daily quality of life. With that being said, some of us, are not privy to modern automation advancements. We will continue to advance , we will continue to automate, we will continue to wait until its our turn to board The Axiom.

Garage Door

The myQ Smart Garage Controller will interface your garage door with its interactive services. This universal interface works on essentially any garage door unit built after 1996. Although there are some exceptions to the rule almost all of them


Nobody wants to come to a hot home. The Ecobee 3 is a smart thermostat that works on both the google and apple platform. Easily control, adjust, and know the temperature of your home. You can also add SmartSensors to your home in order to cool or heat certain areas of the home.

Lighting Control

Lutron Caseta is hands down my favorite lighting control module. I’ve been able to test lighting control with Zigbee, Z-wave, and Wifi. Lutron takes the cake with its ease of use, reliability, and quickness. Quickly set up a scene, schedule, or turn on / off a light with a push of a button.

Smart Locks

When it comes to smart locks it really depends on your personal preference. I’ve been lucky and fortunate enough to have been able to afford different locking brands. I think each has its place and will make your home secure.

August Wi-Fi – This lock is the one we use on our front door. We used it as it would not change the esthetic of the door looking from the outside in. However please be advised you will have a large cylindrical lock on the inside of your door. Lock functions good and I only have to replace the batteries once every couple of months.

Kwikset 99190-004 – My office door is protected by a kwikset lock. It’s pretty straight forward, battery life is exceptional, comes in different color styles, and is an all around solid unit. I particularly like that 1 key (if i so need it ) can control all of their locks using their lock reprogramming technology.

Ceiling Fan

Moxie 52in Ceiling Fan – Personally, I buy ceiling fans for the air that they push. Their primary task in my house is to cool me off and also provide light. The lighting is however secondary in my mind. This fan, provides an amazing amount of air but, its downfall is the LED lighting. While I personally have no issues with it I can see someone having an issue. If staying cool is your objective, look no further.


This ONVIS Smart Motion Sensor seems to be the jack of all trades. It will check humidity, motion, and temperature. You could run a series of automations based on humidity, if it detects motion, or whatever your hearts content.

Home automation used to be considered only for the elite. Their unfortunate high price point put out everyday home owners. The DIY path gives us the ability to use our imaginations and implement a better quality of life for those mundane tasks.

Extreme Laziness – Automation using the NFC reader off your iPhone –

Apple Homekit

Extreme Laziness – Automation using the NFC reader off your iPhone

March 29, 2022

Apple HomeKit brings automation to the masses with their “Works with Apple HomeKit” compatible devices. Their standardized system brings high quality, security, and ease of use. Making compatible products simple and easy to integrate. If you’re under the apple ecosystem this makes life exponentially easier. Right in the palm of your hands you have a massive tool to help aid you in your automation adventure. You just have to think a little outside the box.

Ever since the iPhone 6 our devices have been equipped with an NFC chip. While this chips intended use has always been contactless payments via Apple Pay… The addition of Shortcuts (app) has granted us the ability to use the Near Field Communication chip ( NFC) and create shortcuts. The shortcut I’m about to show you will hopefully help you solve a problem that has been plaguing my household for years. The dreaded…. I forgot to turn off X Y Z light (when in bed and ready to go to sleep). Unfortunately, this isnt a one and done application. There are equipment requirements that are needed in order for this particular shortcut to work. This tutorial will provide a list of items needed to make said short cut work, but not go in depth as to how they work together. Leave a comment below if you have questions.

Pre Warm-up:

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Lets get to work!

This is not a tutorial on how to set up your lights, how to get the system to work, how to figure things out. This is just a tutorial on how to get your NFC to run a series of commands. This post will be vague in some aspects of the installation processes.

Creating a scene in apple home

– Locate and open your Apple Home App.
– Click the + icon on the top left.
–Add Scene
—Custom ( bottom)
—- Scene Name ( mine is good night )
—–Add Accessories


Add all devices you wish to control in this particular scene. In my case, I want to lock the door, turn off all kitchen lighting, turn off hall way lights, and any other device that might be carelessly left on.

Once this is done click DONE. After clicking done, you will be promoted with a new screen that lets you change the state of those selected devices.  In my case, I want to set all these devices to turn off. Make sure your devices are in the off state.

Recap:  This is where we’re at so far. You found a problem that you want to automate. Sometimes your significant other leaves the lights off and you want to be able to turn off the lights without having to do any actions other than putting your phone on your night stand to charge. Once you put your phone on your night stand your phone automatically reads the NFC tag on your night stand and runs a series of shortcuts. The short cut will run the scene named Good Night and will automatically turn off all the lighting you selected. If the lights are on… They turn off. If the lights are off…. They stay that way.

Shortcuts – climbing the ladder of success

– Open your Shortcuts app
– Click the + on the top right
-Create Personal Automation
– Scroll down to where you see NFC
–  NFC Tag   Scan – you will then be prompted to scan the NFC tag. Place your phone on your tag of choice as if you were going to do a contactless payment.
– Name your NFC Tag ( Good Night ) and click NEXT


Recap: You go to bed, place the phone on your night stand to charge, the phone picks up the NFC tag, and does nothing. But not for long.

– Click the “Search for apps and actions”
– Type ” Control My Home”
– Click Set Scenes and Accessories
– Select Good Night and click NEXT





Explanation: When the NFC tag named “Good Night” is detected run the scene “Good Night”.

I like to turn off the Ask Before Running tab so the automation runs without me having to confirm it ( use at your discretion ).